So the park has finally opened and surprise, surprise, safety does not seem to be the owner’s primary concern. The visitors are now apparently bored with riding Stegosauruses and viewing Sea World type spectacles with a massive Mosasaurus, so a team of scientists create the ultimate predator, the Indominus Rex, to satisfy consumerist wants.JW3

Framed around the nephews of Claire the lead scientist, Jurassic World has the cliché-ridden structure of many disaster movies. The boys, Zach and Gray (Gray?) Mitchell have soon-to-be divorced parents and want to visit the park to try and escape what must be a difficult home life. They’re supposed to be supervised by Claire but she claims to be too busy and makes her assistant do it.

You see, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a workaholic. It’s a disease found in many movies where the character has to look like a robot and be emotionally repressed so they can have a kind of redemption at the end. In this case, only a genetically modified dinosaur could bring her out of this work trance. When Owen (Chris Pratt) tells her that she’s not suited to hunting the Indominus Rex with him, she literally tears open her coat to show a revealing vest beneath, as though women can only hunt genetically modified dinosaurs if they show a bit of flesh. She becomes dirtier, sweatier and keeps losing clothes, as the film goes on. It’s like something from the forties.JW2

Apart from sexist stereotypes, Jurassic World is actually a fun, quirky adventure. We all know the Indominus Rex will escape its enclosure and cause havoc but that’s what we want from a film with Jurassic in the title. Chris Pratt does well in the leading man’s role and he continues his rapid ascent to the very top of the Hollywood ladder.

However, there are some sub-plots that stretch the believability (of course, it’s set in a theme park with dinosaurs so believability is all relative). Head of Security, Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) wants to use Owen’s raptors for military use. Of course, Owen is against this, because he treats them like animals, not weapons. It’s one of those tired additional plots that are often attached on to blockbusters to try and make them appeal more to critics but this one in particular fails to convince.

JW4In a recent interview, Colin Trevorrow expanded on another idea he wanted to convey. He said the Indominus Rex was “meant to embody humanity’s worst tendencies. We’re surrounded by wonder and yet we want more, and we want it bigger, faster, louder, better.” It’s difficult to tell if he senses the irony of this statement. Jurassic Park was a great film and all it had for an enemy was a flimsy Tyrannosaurus Rex. Jurassic World exploits the public’s want of something bigger and scarier. It’s like Trevorrow is making fun of the film itself.

Jurassic World is what it is. There are very few surprises, no interesting characters but plenty of exciting action and some cool looking dinosaurs. Even though the Indominus Rex looks just like Godzilla and the end fight between all the dinosaurs is like something out of a fifties B movie, Jurassic World will strike a chord with fans of the franchise. But with a billion dollars already pulled in, I hope the forthcoming 2,471 sequels will be of a slightly higher quality.


3 stars

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