John Travolta’s Oscar Gaffe


Shock revelations have emerged today that John Travolta’s infamous and seemingly idiotic Oscars boob was in fact a premeditated plug for his latest musical film.JT1

The film world was sent into hysterics when the Pulp Fiction star introduced Tony Award-winning singer Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem” at last month’s 86th Academy Awards, triggering a whole host of viral videos, parody Twitter accounts and celebrity reactions mocking what appeared to be a bumbling error from the seemingly bone-headed actor. However, it seems that Travolta has had the last laugh after he announced on his website that his apparent slip-up was in fact an intentional ploy to name-drop his upcoming film with the whole world watching before sending it viral.

JT4The film, “Adele Dazeem”, in which Travolta stars as the eponymous heroine, is a musical drama which deals with the harsh realities of being a single immigrant mother trying to start a new life for her children in Manhattan. Travolta, who gained cinematic immortality following his depiction of Terl in Roger Christian’s triumph “Battlefield Earth” in 2000, has experience playing a member of the opposite sex following his portrayal of Edna Turnblad in the musical comedy “Hairspray” and is never afraid to expand his horizons as an actor.

The statement, released on Travolta’s website earlier today read “Can’t wait for the release of “Adele Dazeem” this fall. Had you all for suckers at the Oscars. No such thing as bad publicity, J x.”


The reaction in Hollywood to the news has been one largely of surprise and admiration. Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey commended Travolta, saying “you’ve got to get your name out there however you can. John hasn’t had a project with this much potential for years. He had us all fooled, I thought he’d just messed up. Makes me wish I’d pretended to be HIV positive in the build up to Dallas Buyers Club.”

Three-time Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis was astonished, stating “Never since I began working my craft has the wool been pulled so firmly over my eyes. I must endeavour to feed upon this experience in my craft.” However, Travolta received criticism from Championship footballer Joey Barton, who took to Twitter to describe the stunt as “a f***ing Greasy farce”.

“Adele Dazeem” is due for release in late September this year.

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